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NAME & AGE: Diana Meade, 16
CANON & CANON POINT: The Secret Circle, 1x22 'Family'
CANON INFORMATION: Not everything can be perfect, but I have to believe that it can be.

”I know not everything can be perfect. But I have to believe that it can be.”

Process is Diana's middle name, according to her friend Melissa. Control freak may be more accurate, but Diana isn’t necessarily a control freak. She just likes things to be contained in ways that she can personally deal with. She plans things out to the absolute minutiae, won’t engage in dangerous things unless she’s absolutely sure that she can handle the consequences, and this gets cranked up to 11 when it comes to her magic and magic ability. Diana isn’t one to use her powers frivolously and chides her friends when they do so.

Diana: What did you do to Cassie's car?
Faye: Why do you assume I was the one that did it?
Diana: Did you? It was stupid and reckless. You risked exposure.
Faye: I was testing her. We all wanted to know, Diana. I cut to the chase.
Diana: You could have hurt Cassie.

In fact, it’s safe to say that Diana doesn’t frivolously do anything, including things in her personal life. She’s grounded, and loyal, and believes in the best in everyone around her, or she does as much as possible.

If you want someone to help you plan a party or shindig, Diana’s the one to go to. She’s meticulous about it, to the point of having fellow circle members Faye and Melissa tease her about it. Diana likes to make sure of every detail and every nuance, although she isn’t the type to have a severe mental breakdown if things don’t go as planned. Yes, she’ll get upset, but she will roll with it, even if she’s annoyed about it. Frustration comes easily to Diana but she only tends to dwell on it when it gets to be too much. Like she says to ex-boyfriend Adam, “I know not everything can be perfect, but I have to believe that it can be.” Diana has had a lot of loss in her life, and her need to control everything and her desire to be as safe as possible stems from this.

Like the other people in her circle, Diana lost her mother when she was barely a year old. It’s this tragedy that fuels her desire to bind the circle when their sixth member, Cassie, comes to town. Diana, as the de facto leader of the circle, wants to keep her circle members safe. The best way to do this, she concludes, is to bind their powers together, so that none of them can use their magic solo.

”I just think that we're stronger together than if we are apart; power or no power.”

Bound together, Diana feels, they’re stronger than they are when they’re apart. This backfires spectacularly into Diana’s face and Diana gives up. Binding the circle is the start of a lot of loss for Diana, starting with her boyfriend of many years, and ending with the loss of her father. She’s learned she can’t control everything, and because of that, she doesn’t know who she is anymore. So she runs. She resents the circle, and while she still cares deeply for her friends within it, she can’t be with them any longer. There’s too much loss and pain there.

For being sixteen years old, though, Diana is surprisingly good at keeping her negative emotions in check. Cassie all but steals her boyfriend, but Diana doesn’t place the blame on Cassie. She puts it squarely where it belongs, on the shoulders of said boyfriend. In fact, Cassie’s the one Diana goes to when she’s hurting the most over the loss of Adam as a romantic figure in her life, despite Cassie being the reason they broke up. All of the men in Diana’s life seem to prefer Cassie to her, but Diana doesn’t blame her for it, even if she’s hurt by it.

Diana: Why do all the men in my life prefer you over me?
Cassie: I--
Diana: Just kidding!

She’s not a pushover by any means, though. While Diana will drop everything to come help out her friends when they’re in a crisis, she also knows when to put her foot down and say ‘no’. Don’t push Diana, because Diana will push back. However, saying that Diana doesn’t feel resentment isn’t true. She does, and it manifests in snarky sarcasm and tiny moments of sniping. Feeling like that, though, isn’t conducive to productivity, and so Diana keeps it to herself. Most of the time. It only really comes to a head when everything in Diana’s life is falling apart, and her control on everything in it is slipping, to the point where she calls her best friend a ‘drama queen’ and rants about how she just wants five minutes to herself to angst over the guy she likes lying to her.

”You know, Faye's right. You really are a drama queen. [...]
Can't I have-- I mean, obviously, there's no way to have an actual life, but 5 minutes for a coffee? I mean, it's even in a to-go cup, just in case the circle's in trouble.”

She still packs up her drink and leaves the coffee shop with Cassie, albeit with an eyeroll.

Diana’s in a state of confusion. She’s found out her biological father is really John Blackwell, notorious Evil Witch and perpetrator of Dark Magic and the reason why her mother is dead. She’s found out that her father, Charles Meade, killed Cassie’s mother so Cassie would come to Chance Harbor to complete the circle. He’s also taken in demons as a form of redemption and had to be rendered catatonic so he wouldn’t abuse their power. Diana’s grandmother, arguably the member of her family whom Diana was closest to, attempted to murder Cassie, causing a rift between them. While Cassie may be her sister, and thus her only living family left that Diana is close to, being near Cassie just reminds Diana of the vile feel of the Dark Magic that Cassie forced Diana to awaken. There’s a lot of trust lost and Diana wants no more of Chance Harbor and the circle. She tells Cassie right before she leaves that she doesn’t even know who she is, anymore.

Cassie: Please stay, bound or not, you are my sister. You are the only family I have left.
Diana: No matter where I go, that is never gonna change. But I have got to get out of here. I've lost everything. I don't even know who I am any more.

She doesn’t like temptation. She doesn’t like her dark magic. It feels wrong, it feels evil, and even knowing she has it is something Diana doesn’t enjoy. She had no plans to awaken or use it, ever, but Cassie changed that when Cassie needed Diana’s help to defeat John Blackwell, their father. Her moral compass is strong and firmly pointed in the direction of ‘good’ and ‘light’, and any veering off of that feels uncomfortable. She’s made a vow to herself to not even use it, if she can get away with it, she hates it that much.

”I know you had to activate my dark magic for us to get free, but now that I've felt its power, I never want to feel it again. I can’t get away from dark magic and be with you at the same time.”

Diana’s changed a lot since the binding of her circle and the subsequent tragedies that befell her after. She still remains the same at her core, though, the goody two shoes who’s not quite a pushover, who will stuff her boyfriend’s locker with cookies on his birthday because she cares about him that much. She cares for her friends dearly, and always will, but she needs time to herself, time to find herself and who she is now, because everything she knew before is wrong.

COURT ALLIANCE & REASONING: Seelie. There’s absolutely no question where Diana falls here. The chaotic nature of her Dark Magic blood sickens her, and she lives her life for perfection and order. She wants to bind the circle with Cassie comes to town to keep order within it. She also has a high moral standard, calling Cassie out multiple times when Cassie does things Diana considers wrong or bad. The Seelie court, with it's inherent penchant for order and all things dutiful would be perfect for her.


Witchcraft; Diana’s main ability consists of magic, or Witchcraft. Witches tend to be part of a circle. A circle can be bound, causing the witch to be more powerful but with the downside of only being able to use his or her magic when another member of the circle is present, casting the same spell. Being a born witch, this power comes naturally to Diana, and manifests in multiple ways:

  • Spellwork; Diana can cast spells using verbal spell chants, which can range from something as simple as changing the color of a dress to unlocking locks to creating fire. Diana does not need to chant in order to cast the spell, due to her inherent Dark Magic. Spellwork can also consist of moving objects with the mind and rituals.

  • Potions/Elixirs; Diana has knowledge of making various potions, and can make them with the proper recipes, usually contained in her family’s Book of Shadows.

  • Dark Magic; Because Diana is of Blackwell/Balcoin blood, she has the ability to use Dark Magic. Dark Magic is fueled by the negative emotions of the user, and enables them to cast more powerful spells on their own, even when bound by a circle. Dark Magic also enables the user of it to cast spells without chant or ritual. The downside to this is that Dark Magic can be highly addictive and corruptive. Diana describes it as making her feel awful, and avoids using it to the best of her ability.

As a witch, Diana has weaknesses related to her magical abilities as well:

  • Ashwood, Iron Sulfate, Colocasia Powder; All things that, when used against Diana, either as a trap or otherwise, can suppress her magical ability. Colocasia Powder is specifically for the use of suppressing Dark Magic, while Ashwood and Iron Sulfate work on all witches.

  • Witch Cruid; A type of bottle used by witch hunters and witches to kill other witches. Requires a personal item of the victim, some of their blood, and mandrake root. When the ingredients are lit on fire, the target witch will die instantly.

  • Malleus Maleficarum; Also known as ‘The Hammer of the Witches’, the Malleus Maleficarum is a sigil used to trap a witch and keeps them contained within it’s boundaries, rendering them powerless. This applies to both regular and Dark Magic.


One (1) Purse

- Wallet with Washington State driver's license, Visa card, social security card, $300 cash
- Makeup compact
- Samsung Galaxy phone (bricked upon arrival)
- One (1) box bandaids
- One (1) bottle of Tylenol
- Three (3) hairties
- One (1) day planner/notebook combo
- One (1) pen, black ink
- Meade family Book of Shadows

Clothes on her back

- Navy blue jacket
- Light blue button up shirt
- Blue knit scarf
- Dark blue skinny jeans
- Black ankle high heeled boots
- Silver hoop earrings
- Gold necklace with rose pendant


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